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MJ Builders


Our insurance work can be separated into three key areas; residential insurance building work, body corporate claims and also repairs and maintenance. 

M + J team up with various insurance companies who will contact us on your behalf in case of an emergency. M + J make sure that everything is made safe after the event, and then fixed to the highest standards. 



  • Residential emergency repairs
  • Body corporate claims
  • 24hr on call “Make safe” service
  • 365 days a year
  • Floods, fires and storm damage
  • Reporting services
  • Causation reports
  • Repair recommendation



When we receive out of hours request from insurance companies for things like lighting strikes to homes causing power outages, burst water pipes causing internal flooding to properties, or houses catching fire our team is able to act quickly to begin securing the property and then fixing the problem. As part of this service we attend the site immediately and organise the specific trades that may be required (electricians, plumbers androofers etc). 

We also make sure to secure the home in the case of break and enter situations, as well as making sure that we prevent further damage where possible (for example in the case of a flooded home we supply wet vacs to remove the water and then dehumidifiers to minimise resultant damages). 



We provide a  full reporting and investigation service for insurance companies. We attend the property in question, take photographs of any resultant damages and compose;

  • a detailed report of the events surrounding the claim
  • a causation for the claim
  • a list of all observed damages in relation to the event
  • a full scope of works for the rectification of all resultant damages. 

When works are awarded from the insurance companies, we conduct the repairs named in our scope of works and on completion we get the insured to sign off stating repairs have been conducted to their satisfaction. In the cases of multiple dwellings underneath the same body corporate, we are able to provide services for all dwellings affected.  


  • Ace Body Corporate
  • Allianz Insurance
  • Beacon Building Services
  • Crawfords & Company
  • Cunningham Lindsey
  • TIO
  • Whittle


M + J were very proud to receive the award for Service Provider of the Year 2017 in the Northern Territory Insurance Industry Awards. This award shows how hard we work to make sure that our service are always completed to the highest standard.